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Up Close and Personal with John Travolta and Kelly Preston

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston at the Wynn in Las Vegas over the weekend, where they were raising money for the Heroes Health Fund, a program helping thousands of EMTs, policemen and firefighters rid their bodies of toxins.

Travolta explained he was inspired after his experience in the film “Ladder 49.” The actor said, “First responders are exposed to a lot of toxins and poisons… whether its policemen with meth labs or firefighters with the chemicals they use. This detox program basically allows you to sweat those out of the fatty tissue in the body.”

Police officer J.R. Haggerty was suffering from liver failure before starting the treatment. He told Bargh, “It’s given me my life back the way it used to be. It makes me feel a lot better. I don't have any of the muscle cramps, chest pains, headaches… all these things I experienced are gone.”

Preston added, “They’re given a new life a new chance... these people who are saving our lives and putting their lives on the line, it’s just nice to be able to help them.”
Aside from talking about the worthy cause, John and Kelly laughed about how they met on the 1989 movie “The Experts.” Travolta said, “Oh my god, first of all, there’s a strong physical presence to her because she has this amazing body. I liked that her face reminded me of Grace Kelly.”
Kelly gushed, “I see him coming across the hall, seriously, he was one of those hot guys. He had his two dogs and he came up to me… dogs are always a good trick to get girls.”
Now, 21 years of wedded bliss later, Travolta gives some advice. “Life is yours to create. You don't let it create you.”