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Demi Lovato Would ‘Love’ to Return to ‘X Factor’

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Demi Lovato at TopShop's new Los Angeles location at The Grove, which opens Valentine’s Day. The pop singer talked about “X Factor,” her broken leg and her body image.

Demi told Renee she would “love” to return to “X Factor” if her schedule allows. "I'm focusing on my music this year, so it's going to be a lot of touring, a lot of promoting of my album… but I would love to. Obviously, if they asked for me to come back, I'd say yes.”
With Britney Spears exiting the competition show, she would love to see another superstar take her place. “I would love to see Lady Gaga. I don't know if that is possible or not,” she said.
Demi is also on the mend. She broke her leg after her roommate “Pledged” the floor. "I slipped and fell in my living room and, God bless my roommate, but she's not used to cleaning and so she actually "Pledged" the floors... Needless to say that didn't go very well."  
Hours later, she was back to work, shooting the cover for her new single, “Heart Attack.” "Thank God I went, because it's my favorite photo shoot I've ever done and they were able to shoot it so you don't see my foot."
The star, who has been open about her body issues in the past, told Renee, "I've spoken out about some of my issues, and it's hard to be in a bathing suit. And then you add the pressure of knowing that those pictures might be on the Internet, everywhere.”  
Demi is performing at TopShop launch on Thursday, and her new single drops in March.