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Boy or Girl for 'Extra's' Hilaria Baldwin and Hubby Alec?

After exclusively breaking their joyful baby news with “Extra” on Tuesday, “Extra” lifestyle correspondent Hilaria Baldwin and husband Alec Baldwin talked with AJ Calloway about whether they are going to find out the sex of the baby, Alec’s sympathy pregnancy symptoms and Hilaria's cravings.

Hilaria, who said she feels like she is having a boy, said the couple will find out the sex, but it is still to early. The two even revealed they have some names picked out. Hilaria said she has three options for boy names and only one for a girl.

The pair also joked about Alec having sympathy symptoms. “My boobs hurt," the "30 Rock" star quipped. "My boobs are killing me, so sore. My jeans don’t fit. My pants, I can’t buckle them.”

As for the mom-to-be’s cravings, think Hawaii. Alec explained, “She was eating troughs of pineapple. I mean like tanker containers of pineapple.” Hilaria added,“I didn’t eat pineapple before. It was bizarre. I really wanted pineapple.”

Now that “30 Rock” is done, the TV actor is excited to be a hands-on dad. “My dream is to be home with the baby. Standing in the doorway, saying goodbye to mommy. Mommy is going to work now. Bye mommy, see ya when you come back!”

Hilaria laughed, “What am I doing?” Alec replied, “You're going to work. You're going to do ‘Extra,’ what you are doing right now, actually!”

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