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Bon Jovi: Parenthood Doesn’t Come with a Manual

Jon Bon Jovi is feeling blessed in the wake of his daughter Stephanie’s reported heroin overdose. In an exclusive interview with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at the Mohegan Sun Arena, he explained that she’s back to her old self.

“There’s no manual that comes with parenting,” he said, adding, “You surround your kids with love, give them everything you can, you learn, you listen and there were no tell tale signs. None of that, but Steph's doing great, no BS… she’s doing great. I’m blessed that she's whole. I’m blessed that she's really back to being the kid I know.”
Jersey’s favorite son, who is launching a new album and tour, had some parenting advice for AJ too.
“Life changes that first day when they give you the baby,” he said. “You’re going to be happy and then you get home and all the relatives will come over and make all kinds of goo goo sounds, but eventually the last door closes and you’re about to go to bed and the two of you are going to look at each other... there isn’t a manual, so stop looking for it.”
When the conversation turned to career, Jon said he's focused on his new "Because We Can" tour. Watch the video for an exclusive look backstage at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut where the band performed a free, impromptu show for snowed-in fans on Saturday.

Pick up the new album, “What About Now,” on March 8, and check out the band's tour dates at BonJovi.com.