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Alexa Ray Joel Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, wants to set the record straight on rumors she may have had work done.

In a Facebook post, Joel addresses recent stories on TMZ and Daily Mail, suggesting she underwent breast enhancement. She wrote, “Aside from getting Rhinoplasty-Surgery a few years ago-- [which I have been blatantly honest and candid about in the past]-- I have not had any further work done. (Not on my face, or anywhere else- for that matter.) I fervently believe that it should be every woman's imperative to love, accept, embrace, and celebrate their exterior-- BUT: the act putting your ‘best self’ forward-- in every sense of the word-- involves work that's rooted from within.”

Alexa continued, “Multiple Plastic Surgeries is NOT something that I support, endorse, encourage, or even remotely participate in. As for the difference in my pictures slated in the articles below: It's simply the stark-visual contrast between effectively-applied makeup [check out Caitlin Monahan on Facebook for a completely natural "cosmetic lift" with only makeup!] and no makeup at all [with puffy eyes- we all get them sometimes- and- hey, that's fine with me].

She ended her defense with “**For more of my thoughts on body-image, tabloid-journalism and how it affects our culture, society's ongoing quest for physical-perfection, and more... stay tuned for an upcoming on-camera discussion @ JULIB.com. With Love, Alexa Ray :-)”

The 26-year-old recently attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.