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Dorner Manhunt: Will Grammys Security Be Increased?

Dorner Manhunt: Will Grammys Security Be Increased?
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As the massive manhunt for suspected murderer Christopher Jordan Dorner continues, police officials are keeping mum on whether there will be heightened security measures taken at Sunday’s 2013 Grammy Awards.

According to the L.A. Times, event officials confirmed that organizers are coordinating with the LAPD to ensure the security of the venue and safety of the celebrity attendees as well as the officers who staff the event. Dorner named several celebrities and musicians in his 11-page manifesto posted on his Facebook page.

The LAPD, however, is not divulging any details, just to confirm there will be officers at the event as planned.

"We have a very significant presence at the Grammys each year and will play an important role in event security this year," said an LAPD spokesman.

Police say former LAPD cop Dorner has allegedly killed three people and injured two others in a revenge mission, blaming the police department for his dismissal from the force four years ago.

"Obviously we are well aware of what's going on and that Dorner is out there," the spokesman added. "We are going to do whatever is necessary, both at the Grammys and across the city, to keep our officers safe."