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Jodi Arias Testifies: 'I Kind of Felt Like a Prostitute'

At trial on Wednesday, accused murderer Jodi Arias revealed shocking new details of her sex life with Travis Alexander, the motivational speaker she says she killed in self-defense. At one point, Arias said she "kind of felt like a prostitute."

The relationship moved quickly for Jodi and Travis. They met at a Las Vegas convention in late 2006, and within a week she had broken up with her boyfriend and had her first sexual encounter with Alexander.
Their beliefs about sex, however, differed. While Alexander tried to be true to his Mormon faith, he deemed certain sex acts as okay and others off limits, according to Arias.
She explained, “To me sex is sex, they are just different ways to have sex… it seemed like oral and anal were also sex to me. But not for him.”

As the relationship heated up in the bedroom, Jodi said she also converted to Mormonism. She told the court that the day Travis performed her baptism, they also had a painful sexual encounter and she felt used.
“I kind of felt like a prostitute,” she told the jury.
Throughout her testimony, Arias described physical and emotional abuse by her parents and others. Jodi maintains that Alexander turned violent with her when she went to his house for sex in 2008, and she was forced to kill him.
According to the New York Daily News, his friends believe she stalked and murdered him in a jealous rage after they broke up, leaving him stabbed and slashed 27 times and shot in the head.
The paper says investigators discovered Jodi’s hair and a bloody handprint at the scene, along with time-stamped photos of the pair from the day Alexander died.
The photos include Arias, naked on a bed, Travis, alive in the shower, and Travis’ dead body. In an apparent effort to clean up the scene, bed sheets and the camera containing the photos were found in the washing machine.
In addition, cops say the Arizona victim was shot with a .25 caliber gun. A week before the killing, Jodi’s grandparents reported the same caliber gun missing.