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Sofia Vergara on New Movie 'Escape from Planet Earth': 'It Was Great!'

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Sofia Vegara, who opened up about her body image and her new movie "Escape from Planet Earth."

Fresh off the “Modern Family” SAG Award win, Vergara stars in an animated film, “Escape from Planet Earth,” as the voice of Gabby Babblebrock. “It was great. I have huge hips in the movie,” she said with a laugh. “The only thing I tried is to sound a little less like Gloria and more like a newscaster.”

Sofia also talked about once being told by a publicist to tone down her cleavage. “She said that maybe I should consider a little bit of a breast reduction. At the beginning it was a little frustrating.”
Her bombshell figure is a favorite on the red carpet, but she once told The Advocate that she sometimes feels like a transvestite. She explained, “That's how I feel... but in a very good way... femininity... but like multiplied by 10.”
She also touched on her three-way performance with Sharon Stone in the upcoming film “Fading Gigolo.” In the hot scene, “two girls are going to be with a guy… a threesome, yeah.”