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Lynsi Torres: 'Burger Princess' is America's Youngest Female Billionaire

The secret life – including fast cars, fast food and three marriages – of “burger princess” Lynsi Torres is just beginning to unfold after Bloomberg Businessweek named her the youngest female billionaire in the country.

Her role as Owner and President of In-N-Out Burger fell into the lap of the 30-year-old, who does not have a college degree nor any formal management training. As the only living heir of the family business, launched in 1948, she inherited the chain when her grandmother passed away in 2006.

Torres, whose father died of a drug overdose when she was 17, gained half ownership through a trust and will receive full ownership when she turns 35.

According to the Daily Mail, Lynsi was raised in Shingletown, CA and attended a private Christian school. At 17 she wed high school sweetheart Jeremiah Seawell, but the marriage only lasted two years.

In 2006, she tied the knot again, this time with Richard Martinez, who went on to become a minister. She had twins with Martinez, but the couple divorced in 2011, the same year she married current husband Val Torres Jr., a drag racing pro.

Lynsi loves racing and has won several titles as a member of the National Hot Rod Association. In-N-Out also sponsors a drag racing car.

She told dragracecentral.com last February, “My father had a passion for drag racing and that passion lives in me. Drag racing has played a big role in In-N-Out's history and it is also an important part of my family history.”

Watch the video above for a rare glimpse of Lynsi talking about her love of racing.