‘Rover’ Highlights Man’s Best Friend

Andrew Grant’s “Rover,” a museum quality, 12” x 12”, 500 page hardcover book, is an unbelievable tribute to dogs in their many colors, shapes and sizes.

Nearly all of the dogs featured in “Rover” once lived in a rescue or shelter and with over 400 up-close images in stunning detail, Grant truly captures unique personalities and emotions, proving that there are smart, healthy, loving dogs all over the country living in shelters.


“Rover” has raised over $400,000 for non-profit pet rescues and hopes to raise over a million dollars this year, inspiring people to welcome a shelter pet into their home. Celebrity pet advocates include Heidi Klum and Ewan McGregor, who have featured their furry friends, and Ellen DeGeneres, who gave the book to Oprah as a Christmas gift.

For more information and ways to order the book, visit RoverToTheRescue.com!