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Nicole Kidman on Bella and Connor Cruise: Kids Need to Find Own Path

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with actress Nicole Kidman to talk about all things motherhood, including her role in “Stoker” and four kids; Bella and Connor Cruise and Sunday and Faith Urban.

When it comes to the older kids, Nicole said she’s delighted that Bella, 20, and Connor, 18, -- her kids with ex Tom Cruise -- are doing well and finding their way. “Everybody has their own path and when they find their path it’s such a relief as a parent you know,” she said, also mentioned that Bella is now living in London.

With Sunday, 4, and Faith, 2, she said, “I try to be strict, it’s very hard with two. I try to be respectful, I try to respect them as little people because that’s what they are, so I give them a voice and I listen to them and try to guide them.”

It turns out husband Keith Urban is the stricter one. She added, “He’s pretty cool, he’s actually probably stricter than me naturally, but with dating I think he'll be cool as long as the guy's incredibly decent and fits all the criteria.”

In “Stoker,” Kidman plays a mother onscreen, with a dark twist. The Oscar winner admitted these psychological thrillers are one of her favorite genres. "Things that get under your skin, I’m attracted to.”

Renee also asked about Nicole’s sexy lap dance she gave Jimmy Kimmel the night Matt Damon took over the late night show. Nicole explained, “I improvised that, but that was because Robin Williams did it just prior so I was just kind of riffing off what Robin did.” Nicole added that Keith hasn’t seen the footage, but that’s okay, because “he doesn’t have to see it. He can experience it!”

“Stoker” will open in limited release starting March 1, 2013.