Anne Hathaway Tears Up Telling Why She Loves Her Husband

In her SAG Awards acceptance speech, Supporting Actress winner Anne Hathaway thanked husband Adam Shulman and said, “I'll tell you why I love you later.”

“Extra’s” Maria Menounos caught up backstage with the “Les Miserables” star, who explained what she meant.

“I was running out of time and I could have gone on about him… he's just... it's an amazing feeling to be seen by someone you respect so deeply and to be loved and cherished. I had never really been cherished in a relationship before this one, and it feels... it's the best feeling in the world and I just love him so much. This is why I didn't want to mention it up there. I'm tearing-up right now.”

Hathaway may have another chance to gush about Shulman when she attends the 2013 Academy Awards on February 24 as a Best Supporting Actress nominee.

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