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‘Bachelor’ Sean Blogs About ‘Incredible’ Date with AshLee

“The Bachelor” star Sean Lowe is having a tough time narrowing down the women vying for his affection, but it looks like contestant AshLee Frazier might be emerging as the frontrunner.

At the beginning of the show, Lowe said, "One week in and I find myself digging a lot of women and it's blowing me away right now."

Still, Sean had to let a few women go, including Kacie, telling her, "I admire you... and I have way too much respect for you to make you stand through another ceremony when I know in my heart that we're better off as friends.” Taryn and Kristy also went home. Read full recap at EOnline.com.

Then, Lowe posted his after-show blog on People.com and gushed about AshLee.

“The day with Ashlee and the girls at Six Flags was incredible! We had so much fun together… She grabbed my attention on the first night. She was the first out of the limo and she looked gorgeous. Not only that, after talking with her then I realized she had such a big heart.”

Find out if AshLee is still capturing his heart when “The Bachelor” returns next Monday on ABC.