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Lance Armstrong Interview, Part 2: ‘I Deserve’ to Compete Again

In the second part of his dramatic TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong shed a few tears but said he believed he deserved a second chance.

Asked if he thought he should be allowed to compete again now that he has admitted to years of doping, Armstrong said, “This may not be the most popular answer, but I think I deserve it.”

He brought up the fact other cyclists who are caught doping usually get a six-month suspension. “So I got a death penalty and they got … six months,” Armstrong insisted. “I’m not saying that that’s unfair, necessarily, but I’m saying it’s different.”

The disgraced athlete, who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and an Olympic bronze medal, turned emotional only once during the OWN channel interview, and that was when he found his 13-year-old son defending him.

“That’s when I knew I had to tell him,” Armstrong said, tears welling up.