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Dina Lohan: Lindsay Is ‘Screwed Up’ from Witnessing Dad’s Abuse

Actress Lindsay Lohan’s troubles stem from the abuse she witnessed growing up, says her mom in an explosive new interview with the New York Daily News.

According to Dina Lohan, ex-husband Michael Lohan physically assaulted her during their 22-year marriage, and claims this is why Lindsay is “so screwed up.”

Meanwhile, Michael told the paper the allegations are “evil lies.”

Looking back, Dina recalled the first time Michael abused her. The two were out to dinner in 1986 and Michael allegedly began drinking and using coke. “When we left he was drunk-driving and suddenly he started screaming, ‘Get the f--k out of the car!’” she said.

That’s when she says he punched her in the face, leaving a purple bruise below her right eye. She didn’t press charges, but the former dancer said her parents took her to the hospital where she was treated for “blunt trauma.”

Michael dismissed the story, saying he had been out with friends. When he arrived home, he says Dina hit him in the face with an ice tray and he backhanded her.

That’s not the only story on which the former couple disagreed. Dina also accused Michael of raping her in 1990 while their children slept, and says she even went to the hospital to undergo a rape kit test.

Michael maintains it was consensual and that Dina tried to get the authorities involved because she was jealous of another woman.

Dina explained that Michael continued to abuse her on and off for years, in between his stints behind bars, and that she obtained several orders of protection from him over the years. Throughout the tumultuous marriage she stayed because she "was embarrassed and afraid" and she thought she could "keep fixing him."

Now she wants to “set the record straight. I need to make the world aware that Lindsay is messed up because her father is messed up.”

From Michael’s point of view, she’s trying to take the spotlight off her own parenting skills, after being photographed out with LiLo in London.

The “Liz & Dick” star has had her share of trouble with the law and is currently facing misdemeanor assault charges over a scuffle in an NYC bar. Her attorney was in court today on her behalf.