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Forbes' Tips for Living a Stress-Free Life Online

Author and body image expert Jennifer Cohen shared her three tips on how to start the New Year off right, "socially" speaking.

Cohen said, "As we live our lives more online," through Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, keep in mind that "social media breaks are imperative for good health."

The fitness maven recommends "Extra" producer and Emmy winner Tammi Fuller's Campowerment as a great weekend getaway "for stressed-out power people to 'run away from home,'  where computers and cell phones are banned and playing outside is required."

Fuller then spoke about her growing camp. “An amazing thing happens when we can totally unplug and talk face to face, and come to realize that no one’s life is any easier than ours.”
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To find out more about your next social media getaway, go to Campowerment.com.