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Fans Celebrate Jenni Rivera at Memorial Service

Jenni Rivera fans said their final goodbyes Wednesday at a funeral for the singer held in Los Angeles. More than 6,000 people gathered at Gibson Amphitheatre to honor the music powerhouse who died in a plane crash earlier this month.

Rivera’s bright red casket was center stage as followers waved white roses and chanted her name. Friends and family spoke to the crowd about their lost loved one, calling the service her “graduation to heaven.”

Her brother, Juan Manuel Rivera, said, "I am sure that my sister is singing now,” while family member Gustavo Lawrence Rivera, asked the audience to applaud for “Jenni, the eternal diva.”

Pepe Garza, the singer's godfather, touched on the singer’s tumultuous personal life, saying, "Above all we love her for her imperfections. It was her blunders that made us know that she was one of us."

Daughter Jacqie Melina Campos added, "The best thing you ever taught me is when you fall, you get back up. So that's what I'm going to do."

Jenni’s plane crashed in a mountainous region in northern Mexico on Dec. 9.