‘Extra’ Raw! Behind ‘The Guilt Trip’ with Barbra Streisand

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli dished with “The Guilt Trip” star Barbra Streisand on why she took the role.  

In the comedy, Streisand plays an overprotective mom who drives cross-country with her son (Seth Rogen). The actress’ real life son, Jason, read the script and talked her into taking the role. Barbra explained, “He said, ‘Ma, I think you should do it.’”

It was a dream come true for screenwriter Dan Fogelman, who based the story on a road trip he took with his mom, who died of cancer before filming began. Fogleman said, “My mom would be a woman on fire right now. She would be chasing down Barbra Streisand right now, probably get kicked out of this premiere. I'm really proud of the movie.”