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Sandy Hook Hero's Sister Haunted by Photo

The moment that Carlee Soto learned that her sister, Vicki Soto, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, had died in the massacre, the Associated Press snapped a photograph. The heart-wrenching image sums up the pain in a way words never could.

The photo, which shows her screaming into a cell phone with a hand over her heart, haunts her.

Carlee told CBS, “It’s like a reminder of that moment all over again. It kills.”

In the wake of the tragedy, Vicki is being hailed as a hero. When gunman Adam Lanza stormed the building, Soto reportedly tried to hide her students in a closet. The students panicked, however, when Lanza entered the classroom. As the kids tried to escape, Vicki stepped in and tried to save them, but was shot down along with several children. In the end, 20 students and six staff died that day.

Funeral Held For Sandy Hook Hero Victoria Soto

Soto's mother, Donna, told CNN, “It doesn’t surprise anyone that knows Vicki that she did this. She just loved her kids and talked about them all the time with such fondness and caring. She just adored them.”

The Newtown community is rallying to help raise relief money for families like the Sotos. Learn how you can help at EverRibbon.com.