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Video! 'SNL' Pays Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims, Martin Short Shines

“Saturday Night Live” paid special tribute to the Connecticut shooting victims this week, while “SNL” alum Martin Short shined as host alongside musical guest Paul McCartney.

The show started with a touching rendition of “Silent Night” by the New York City Children’s Chorus. Martin followed up the song with a star-studded opening featuring Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey and a llama!

Short kept the laughs coming as a Buckingham Palace rep who briefs an OBGYN on Kate Middleton’s “Downton Abbey” and as Larry David in a skit called “You’re a Rat Bastard Charlie Brown."

Samuel L. Jackson even managed to steal the spotlight with a little profanity in a “Christmas Spectacular” edition of “What’s Up with That.” Watch the skits below!

"Royal Family Doctor"

"You're a Rat Bastard Charlie Brown"

"Christmas Spectacular: What's Up with That"