Barbra Streisand Hints at Possible Reunion with Robert Redford

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli caught up with Barbra Streisand at the premiere of her new flick, “The Guilt Trip,” where the star broke the news that a possible reunion with Robert Redford may be in the works.

Penacoli spoke with Streisand and “Guilt Trip” co-star Seth Rogen and asked about revisiting the “The Way We Were” characters. Streisand smiled, “It's an interesting thing you should mention it… perhaps.”   
Rogen jumped in, “You could call it ‘The Way We Are.’” Streisand replied, “It is called ‘The Way We Are,” coyly adding, “It could be.”   
The reunion could be a great way for Streisand to celebrate her 50th year in the business. Does she have any regrets? “Well, I would have made more movies. I turned down a lot of movies probably that I wished I hadn't turned down. I tell Jane Fonda all the time I'm responsible for her career because I turned down ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ ‘Klute’ and ‘Julia.’”
Good thing she didn’t turn down “The Guilt Trip,” which hits the road December 19.