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Jessica Chastain on 'Zero Dark Thirty': 'We Had to Be Secretive'

Actress Jessica Chastain sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway to talk about the Osama bin Laden thriller, “Zero Dark Thirty,” including all the Oscar chatter surrounding it.

From “The Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow, Chastain plays a CIA agent who tracks down bin Laden’s location, leading to the terrorist’s assassination by US Navy SEALs.

Chastain said about the film shoot, “We had to be secretive about the film just to make it without anyone getting in our way.”

“Zero Dark Thirty” also just won Best Picture from the New York Film Critics Circle, which is creating a certain Oscar buzz.

Jessica laughed, “I wasn't hearing that kind of buzz… what does that sound like?”

“Zero Dark Thirty” lands in limited theaters December 19 and goes wide January 11.