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One Direction's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Romance Rumors False?

Rumors of a romance between One Direction’s Harry Styles and country starlet Taylor Swift may actually be false.

“Extra’s” A.J. Calloway caught up with the group and asked if they had girlfriends. Zayn Malik replied, “Well, me and Louis [Tomlinson] have girlfriends,” while Niall Horan added, “The rest of us are… single Pringles,” which would include Harry.

Harry may not be dating Taylor, but he does know what he wants in a girlfriend. He’s looking for “someone you have fun with and get along with and is nice.”

The guys have their fair share of admirers, who sometimes take it too far.

Liam Payne told A.J., “We were in Sweden once, and this girl hid in the bin to try get us when we passed by, she got found, in the trash can!” Louis added, “She was smelly.”

Now, thanks to Hasbro, fans can have a Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn or Louis of their very own. Zayn joked, “These guys are a bit more flexible than us though.”