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On Tour with Jennifer Lopez in Copenhagen

“Extra” caught up with Jennifer Lopez on the Copenhagen stop of her tour, where she was also celebrating her one-year anniversary with boyfriend/dancer Casper Smart.

J.Lo has been on a whirlwind tour the last five months, traveling to a new city every other night. At this point, she can't remember how many places she's been, laughing, “We've seen, I don't know how many cities all together, a lot!”  

Casper and twins Max and Emme have been by her side every step of the way. Lopez explained, “We're seeing the world, my babies are with me and we are just having a good time.”

Her man added, “We have each other.” He also revealed their pet names, saying, “We call each other bear.”

While Lopez is having a great time, she also thinks about home, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. “I have a lot of people back home there, my sister, my mom, and even my babies are there visiting their dad right now. My mom didn't lose power, thank God, but the babies’ dad, Marc, they did.”

J.Lo will wrap her first world tour just in time for Christmas, but the question on everyone's mind: will it be her last tour? “I don't know if I'll tour again, but it's just one of those experiences that doesn't come along every day, so I just try to enjoy it for what it is.”