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Paula Broadwell Spotted Hiding Out at Brother’s D.C. Home

Tabloid GF Paula Broadwell has resurfaced for the first time since her cheating scandal with Gen. David Petraues. The married mother of two appears to be staying with her brother, Stephen Kranz, in a D.C. suburb.

Paparazzi photos shot through a window show the biographer wearing a pink turtleneck, speaking with an unknown man and woman, nibbling on food and holding what appears to be a glass of wine. Paula’s husband Scott was noticeably absent. Check out the photos at the Daily Mail.
The Tuesday sighting comes just one day after the FBI searched Broadwell’s North Carolina home and confiscated her electronic equipment. In addition to an alleged affair with former CIA Director Petraeus, Broadwell is accused of sending threatening emails to the General’s female friend, Jill Kelley.
Kelley, meanwhile, was having her own problems with invasive press on Tuesday. Reporters came banging on her door until she called 911. “They’re trying to push the door open… they won’t leave,” she told the dispatcher.


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Also embroiled in the scandal is an FBI agent who initially began investigating the case, but was removed because he emailed shirtless photos to Kelley. Gen. John Allen’s reputation is also at risk after news spread that he was exchanging flirtatious emails with the Florida socialite.