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Kristen Stewart's Favorite Tune: 'I'm Constantly Humming Hi Ho, Hi Ho'

“Extra’s” Ben Lyons sat down with actress Kristen Stewart to talk about the highly anticipated end to the “Twilight” saga and to take our rapid-fire quiz from fans, in which she reveals her favorite tune is from “Snow White.”

Stewart laughed, “I’m constantly humming ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho.’ A couple days ago I was… [whistles the tune] and I was like ‘What am I doing right now?’”

As for “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” Kristen said one should be prepared for “One or two hefty departures. I still watch it and go ahh! There is a moment that I can’t wait for. I know the entire theatre is going to erupt.”
There are also some steamy sexy scenes between her character Bella and co-star Robert Pattinson’s Edward or as Stewart clarified, “Mind-blowing vampire and human sex.”
“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2” rises in theaters November 16.