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Exclusive: Mario Lopez's 'X-Factor' Video Diary

We’ve got your backstage pass to “The X-Factor”! Mario Lopez took the stage for the first time Wednesday and brought “Extra” along for all the behind-the-scenes action.

Mario was pumped up for the first live show, telling L.A. Reid, “I’m ready!” Afterward, Lopez got the stamp of approval from Simon Cowell, who said he “loved it” and “couldn't be happier!”
The show went off without a hitch, although co-host Khloe Kardashian did suffer a wardrobe malfunction. The reality star’s left nipple inadvertently poked through her sheer purple blouse. Asked how the show went, she told Mario backstage, "I love it… besides having a little nipple action... we fixed it!"
Mario suffered his own awkward moment when finalist Jason Brock tried to pinch his butt! Lopez tried to “keep things PG-13,” but Jason later tweeted, "Yes I did grab Mario Lopez’s butt… it’s nice.” Mario’s reply? “Thank you?”
Watch the video for all the backstage fun!