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Video Diary: Alec Baldwin and Wife Hilaria Weather Storm in NYC

Hurricane Sandy forced New Yorkers to batten down the hatches and stay indoors on Monday. "Extra" special correspondent Hilaria Baldwin gave us an inside look at how she weathered the storm with husband Alec.

Preparations included cooking a healthy meal, lighting some candles and making sure their dogs, Damita and Gitana, had plenty of exercise.

Alec was on double duty as cameraman and dog dryer. After taking the pups on another walk, the “30 Rock” star dried them off with a hairdryer and told a very damp Damita, “We're about to expand your volume by 90%.”

To pass the time, Hilaria tried to enlist Alec in an at-home yoga class. His response? Screaming from behind the camera!

[Andrew Gauthier / Buzzfeed]

By morning, New York City was completely dark. Curled up in bed at 5:45 AM, Hilaria made one last diary entry, saying, “We have a little power left on the laptop, so we're watching “Mirage” with Gregory Peck… the movie has a blackout in it, so it’s like we are watching ourselves.”