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Jim Cantore on Hurricane Sandy: '60 Million People Are Going to Be Impacted'

“Extra’s” Maria Menounos bravely headed to NYC to cover Hurricane Sandy and talked with The Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore to get the scoop to this massive storm.

Cantore explained, “60 million people are going to be impacted by this. The storm is so big and pushing the water up into areas where it can't get out. We saw this with Katrina.”

“If this water comes up as expected right now, we would be underwater,” said the expert. “Our truck would be underwater, our crew would be underwater. The entire Battery Park area, all this grass and landscaping, will be underwater.”

The hurricane is expected to make landfall in Southern New Jersey Monday evening, with 80-90-plus wind gusts and a huge storm surge, compounded by the full moon.