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Michelle Obama's Marriage Advice: Friendship Is What Gets You Through

First Lady Michelle Obama has a bit of marriage advice for “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. She told him, “As my husband would say, just make her happy. Make her happy and continue to be friends… it’s the friendship that gets you through the tough times.”

In a recent sit down with the Mrs. Obama, she also revealed some insight into her 20-year relationship with President Obama. “We’re man and wife, we deal with our kids,” she explained. “I try not to get in his head. He’s got a lot of wonderful advisors and they are talking through what they are going to do and it’s just better for me to be his rock.”
When the conversation shifted to who should play the couple in a movie, Michelle was quick to answer when it came to her husband, “I think a Denzel [Washington] type [or] Will Smith because of the ears.”
When Mario suggested Halle Berry play Michelle, she didn’t argue, “Sure, sure!”
Watch the interview for more with Michelle, including why she thinks President Obama is the best choice for Latino voters.