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Liberty Ross 'Moves Forward' after Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

Model Liberty Ross is finally speaking out after husband Rupert Sanders cheated with his “Snow White” leading lady Kristen Stewart. In a new video dubbed the “Alexander Wang Confessional with Liberty Ross,” she reveals a bit about her childhood, career and the journey she’s on now.

The video shows Liberty in modeling mode and at other times shrouded, as if she’s sitting at a true confessional. While talking about her life today, she pointedly leaves Rupert’s name out of it. “I have a really good balance,” she says. “I’m very happy with my life. I’m lucky. I have good people. I have two amazing children.”

Later she adds, “I believe we’re all on journeys and we’re all given lessons in life. Sometimes when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it and just move forward as graciously as possible.”