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Ex-Wife of 'Pimp Daddy' William Thomas Speaks Out to 'Extra'

On Tuesday, “Extra” spoke exclusively to the ex-wife of the alleged Manhattan pimp, William Thomas, in Bernardsville, NJ, and she said the arrest was no surprise to the family.

Thomas, who has two teens and two younger children, was arrested in connection with running four brothels, where services cost $200 to $300 per hour. According to the New York Post, Thomas got into the illicit biz after he lost his job at Compuware and his first marriage fell apart.

Thomas’ ex, Susan, told “Extra” she alerted authorities to his nefarious business activities six months ago in family court.

She also explained that their two teenage children, “saw numerous things at his apartment, like boxes of cash, he would leave the website up, digital camera with photos on it. It was enough."

The family even confronted Thomas about the brothels on October 10, the day before he was arrested and released on bail.

The man’s 17-year-old son has already been vocal on Twitter about the arrest, sarcastically writing, “Awesome dad! way to make the thomas family proud" and referring to his father as "Mr. Mom-turned-Pimp-Daddy."

UPDATE: According to court documents cited by the NY Post, Thomas received $45,000 in loans from his mom, actress Sheila Thomas, 64, around the time he allegedly was setting up the brothel business.  The Post’s article suggests that Sheila Thomas was unaware of her son’s alleged illicit enterprise.