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Kristen Stewart Says Yes to Florabotanica, No to Old Lady Perfume

Actress Kristen Stewart sat down for a live chat with fans on Thursday to promote Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume. Fielding fan questions, KStew explained that the fragrance is a great “fresh and French” choice.

“One thing about fragrances is you can start to smell like an old lady,” the “Twilight” star explained. “You can start to smell fake like a chemical. I don’t get that from this. [I would describe it as] fresh and French.”

It might not smell like old lady perfume, but it will make you feel more mature, Stewart explained. “When I wear it I feel older, I feel mature. I feel a little bit more there… at the same time I think it’s very youthful.”

When she described the fragrance as fearless, one fan asked if Stewart thought of herself as fearless. She answered laughingly, "Damn right,” adding, “Yeah, I hope so. I mean, God, I try to do that every day."