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Video! Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler's Naked Shower Scene

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock showed her true acting range Monday night in a naked shower scene with Chelsea Handler. The “Chelsea Lately” comedy bit was anything but steamy as Bullock finds Handler in the staff showers and repeatedly scolds the late-night host.

'Chelsea Lately' Finale! Chelsea Handler's Naked Shower Scene and More

Bullock says, “You have a responsibility to be a respectable talk show host. This comes directly from Oprah's mouth to my ear, to my mouth, out of my mouth, into your ear, down your body, out your vagina, up my vagina and out my a**.”

She continues, “The overall theme of this message is that you are a huge disappointment. Just because you're the only person on late-night television who has tiny little lady bits does not give you a free pass."

“The Blindside” star later slaps Handler across the face and tells her to “stop sleeping with your guests” and “that is why I've not done your show; I do not want to sleep with you.”

Chelsea meekly replies, “I don't sleep with that many anymore... just some of the rappers.”