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Michelle Obama on the President: 'I'm Always So Proud of What He's Done'

First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez as she continues on the campaign tour for husband, President Barack Obama.

Mario asked Mrs. Obama about how she felt the president was doing so far in the presidential race. “I think my husband has done a phenomenal job, not just in the debate, but in the last three and a half years as president. I'm always so proud of what he's done. He's not just a candidate, he's still the leader of the free world and knowing what is coming on and off of is plate over the course of a day would astound you.”

The First Lady also urged people to register to vote. “It's absolutely critical, Mario. What I tell young people is they want to have a voice in determining the direction of their country. Regardless of who you’re voting for, we want young people to get in the habit.”

President Obama and Republican candidate Gov. Mitt Romney meet for their second debate on Tuesday.