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VP Joe Biden vs. Rep. Paul Ryan: Stars Poke Fun on Twitter

Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan got Hollywood fired up Thursday night when they went head-to-head in a feisty debate. Stars took to Twitter to poke fun at the pair while fans and detractors had fun posting mash-ups.

Scroll down to read the tweets and watch the videos!  

Bill Maher: “Let’s just say it: even in HD, Biden’s plugs look pretty good.”
Chris Rock: "CNN BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden caught on camera still laughing in his hotel room.#vpdebate"
Megan McCain: “This debate is blood sport. Crossfire style. Don’t know how this will change swing voters minds…enjoying Martha though.”
Piers Morgan: “How much can one man drink? And how is he holding it in?”
Joy Behar: “Ryan believes that life begins at speed dating. #Current2012”

Donald Trump: “Biden’s sarcastic smiling may or may not be effective depending on who is watching #VPDebate.”
Gayle King: "Hey is @MarthaRaddatz running for anything?!! She was terrific running debate. So Tired but debate worth staying up late on a school nite"
Arsenio Hall: “I think Ryan just quickly sipped some Ciroc.”
Dane Cook: "This debate is like watching an improv group where the # 1 rule is deny."
Elisabeth Reaser: "Need to party with Biden."

Chad Lowe: "Dear President @BarackObama, I sincerely hope you are watching this debate and taking notes."
Tina Brown: “Joe! Stop the fake laughter and flashing teeth! Doesn’t work!”
Scooter Braun: “watching the vice presidential debate. I feel like they should have a third party who is there just to fact check all their statements.”