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Breast Cancer: Five Tips to Reduce the Risks

October is breast cancer awareness month, and "Extra" is helping out the pink campaign with some new tips from Dr. Kristi Funk. Host Maria Menounos caught up with the oncologist to get her top five ways to reduce the risks of the disease. Funk explained:

Maintain a healthy weight: “People who are overweight have more estrogen flowing through their bodies. And up to 75% of breast cancers are actually fueled by estrogen to grow.”

Exercise: “At least 30 minutes five times a week. Break a sweat. Even just briskly walking will reduce breast cancer by 20%.”
Eat healthy: "Load up on fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and stick to a high fiber, low fat diet."
Watch your alcohol intake: “A drink a day is your limit, so seven a week tops.”
Get tested: “The most important thing you can do if you're over 40 years old is to get your mammogram and clinical breast exams by a doctor every 12 months.”
Funk also debunked a few health rumors, explaining that all women should be concerned about breast cancer even if it doesn’t run in the family or they have small breasts.
She also noted that studies show a very small increase in risk for women on birth control, but not significant enough to cause concern.