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Ashley Greene on Kissing Olivia Wilde: 'It's Phenomenal!'

Actress Ashley Greene stopped by The Grove to talk with “Extra’s” Ben Lyons about her bawdy comedy, “Butter,” in which she engages in a little girl-on-girl action with co-star Olivia Wilde.

Greene plays the daughter of a local Iowa woman (Jennifer Garner), who is obsessed with winning a butter carving competition. When a stripper (Olivia Wilde) comes to town, all hell breaks loose.

Lyons asked Greene what it was like smooching Wilde. “Oh, it's phenomenal! You're missing out.” She laughed, “That’s actually the whole reason I did the movie. I read it and I was like ‘How do I get a male demographic? Olivia Wilde!’ Then I make out with her.”
In all seriousness, Ashley said she and Olivia became good friends. “We're like, ‘Let’s just do it!’”
Watch more of Ben’s interview with Greene, as the two try their hand at carving butter!

“Butter” slips into theaters this Friday.