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Sofia Vergara Refused to Undergo Breast Reduction

Actress Sofia Vergara, 40, is known for her sexy curves, but at one point her publicist recommended she get breast reduction surgery.

The “Modern Family” star told Katie Couric on Wednesday, “At the beginning it was hard, and she used to tell me, ‘Maybe you should get to a more normal, standard size.”
In the end it was her mother who talked her out of it. “[My mom said], ‘God is going to punish you, you can’t chop your boobs out. It’s crazy. All the women are risking their life to get boobs.’ So I didn’t do it.”

Sofia, who wears a 32 F bra size, added, "I don't have anything to hide. I'm very proud of my body. I thank God for what he has given me and I take advantage of it."