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Bill Hader’s ‘SNL’ Impression Made Clint Eastwood’s Day

Bill Hader had a little fun at Clint Eastwood’s expense on “Saturday Night Live,” spoofing the actor’s Republican National Convention speech.

What did Clint think about Bill’s high-waist pants and empty chair skit? “I thought it was good,” he told “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli at the "Trouble with the Curve" premiere. “He did a parody of me on the Chrysler commercial on the Super Bowl too, and that was pretty funny.”

The veteran film star won’t be appearing on “SNL” anytime soon (aside from Hader’s impressions). The show has invited him, but he told Jerry he turned it down because of a prior commitment.
For more with Clint and his "Trouble" co-stars, Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams, watch the video!