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Lady Gaga Sleeps and Gets Tattoo at Fame Perfume Party

Singer Lady Gaga threw quite the Fashion Week party. First she fell asleep, then she got tattooed!

To kick off the launch of her Fame perfume at the Guggenheim Museum, Mother Monster became part of an art installation called “Sleeping with Gaga.” The “Paparazzi” songstress climbed into a large chamber around 9 PM and allowed guests to reach in with their fingers to touch her as she slept.
She emerged from the art piece at 9:45 PM wearing lingerie and thigh-high boots and invited a tattoo artist to join her in the egg. The entire party, including Paris Hilton, Marc Jacobs and Lindsay Lohan, looked on as he inked the shaved back of her head with a cherub-like tattoo.

[Credit: Twitter]

What does Fame smell like? “An expensive hooker,” Gaga told partygoers.

The "Born this Way" singer also strips down for a new "Fame" short film. Watch!