Exclusive Video! Donald Trump Shares Some 'Extra' Love

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Donald Trump in NYC, and the real estate mogul gave hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos a special message.
“Your ratings are great, you’re great people,” smiled Trump. “I know why this show works.” He then pointed to Calloway and added, “And this guy helps, too.”

Trump was scheduled to attend the Republican Convention today but cancelled due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Issac heading to Tampa. He told AJ that there is going to be a big surprise at the convention. “It was going to be something special and I think it still may be.”   

The "Celebrity Apprentice" host also showed his support for VP candidate Paul Ryan, saying, “he has energized the Republican party. They really love him. He’s brought great energy and substance to the debate.”
Always there with a comment, Trump also chimed in on the Prince Harry photo scandal. “I can’t imagine they allowed cameras and phones in the room. I think his security people should be fired. In fact, security people, you're fired!" Overall, Donald didn't think it was all that bad. “I think its just fine he’s a young guy and he’s having fun.”