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Video! Michael Phelps and GF Attend Speedo Event

At the Speedo Swimmers event in London on Monday, Olympic swim champion Michael Phelps walked the red carpet with new girlfriend Megan Rossee, a 25-year-old model from Los Angeles – and “Extra” was there!

“Extra” then caught up with U.S. Men’s Swim Team gold-medalist Ryan Lochte, who chatted about his Olympics experience and clears up rumors about the photos taken last night while celebrating with his swim teammates.

Lochte laughed, “It was my family. It’s kind of funny they thought it was some random girls, but it was my sister.”

The hunky swimmer also chuckled about his mom’s “one-night stand” comment. “I know what she meant by that. She means I go on one date because I never really have the time be in a relationship because of swimming. Of course the media turned it around… it is what it is.”

If there were one race he would do differently, what would it be? “Probably my 200 freestyle. I thought it was a slow time for me and I knew I was capable of going faster.”