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Dr. Drew Pinsky on James Holmes: 'This Man Is Psychotic'

Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes dyed his hair weeks before opening fire at a midnight showing of “Dark Knight Rises.” Sources say he used evidence bags as hand puppets and reportedly sat bug-eyed, twitching his eyebrows after his arrest early Friday morning. What does it all mean?

Dr. Drew Pinsky, board-certified internist and addiction specialist, told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez that “these reports tell me that this man is psychotic… he’s not connected to reality.”
Pinsky also said not to make too much of Holmes calling himself The Joker. “It is the same as if a psychotic patient were to say, ‘I’m Napoleon and as Napoleon does dangerous things.”
Watch the video to find out what else Pinsky had to say about the medical school dropout.

Anderson Cooper also weighed in, telling “Extra,” “A lot of times these shooters, they want attention. They want their names to kind of live on.” Cooper doesn’t want to give the murder suspect the satisfaction. “History shouldn't remember the name of a killer. History should remember the name of somebody who lived a good and decent life, who died trying to save others.”

Watch the video for more celebrity reactions to the Colorado tragedy.