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Charlie Sheen on 'Machete,' 'Idol' and Romance Rumors

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli was exclusively invited to visit the closed Texas set of “Machete Kills,” where he caught up with star Charlie Sheen and director Robert Rodriguez about the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic film.

Sheen portrays the President of the United States, and he went directly to father Martin Sheen -- who played the president on “West Wing” -- for some advice. Charlie smiled, “He said play with an air of confidence but not arrogance, which means be a Democrat and not Republican.”

Rodriquez revealed that this was not the first time he wanted Sheen for one of his movies. Robert explained, “I'm always chasing Charlie around. For ‘Dusk Till Dawn,’ I met with Charlie, but he wasn’t available.” Sheen added, “Then we met on something else and that didn't work out either. When he came to my house the last time, I said ‘You’re not leaving until we have a deal.’”

Charlie also opened up about possibility of joining “American Idol.” “If an offer comes in, its' definitely a conversation,” said Sheen. “What I don't want to be is doing something that will affect the quality of the show of ‘Anger Management.’”  

There have been romance rumors around Sheen and ex-wife Denise Richards, who guest-starred on “Anger Management.” Penacoli asked if there’s any possibility of a reunion. Sheen responded, “I just think were such better friends right now with the way things are. We have so much more fun hanging out and the kids are so much happier I just don’t want to screw anything up, for the kids’ sake.”

Sheen also recently quit Twitter, leaving his eight million followers wondering why he suddenly departed. He explained, “I felt like it was connected to the whole past movement, the ‘winning, tiger balm movement. I still like winning; it still applies. Now it makes sense cause I’m finally winning.”

Check out the interview below!