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Charlie Sheen Denies Trashing Ritz-Carlton: 'I'm Welcome Back Anytime'

"Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli met up with actor Charlie Sheen at the premiere of "Anger Management" and asked him about the reports that he trashed a hotel room, what we can expect from his new show and his plans to make amends with former "Two and a Half Men" co-star Jon Cryer.

When asked about claims he trashed his Ritz-Carlton hotel room in New York, Sheen said, "B.S." saying, "It's granulized fiction, complete malarkey. Should I keep going?"

He continued, "We got the report back from the hotel saying you're welcome back any time ever."
Sheen then spoke of the premiere of his new FX series, "Anger Management," which comes a little more than a year after his controversial exit from "Two and a Half Men." Sheen divulged, "It's not about pissing anybody off… just about doing good work and reminding people that's why they came to support me in the first place, you know?"
Charlie recently revealed in Playboy that he is ready to make amends with former co-star Jon Cryer, and told Jerry why they haven't spoken in person. "I will, I'm just waiting for him to call me after the lovely things I said about him... they're all true."
Sheen's TV redemption on "Anger Management" begins Thursday, June 28 at 9 PM on FX.