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Kate Beckinsale is a 'Total' Badass!

Actress Kate Beckinsale shows off her incredibly toned physique on the July cover of Women’s Health, talking about her upcoming action flick, “Total Recall.”

Beckinsale, also known for her kick-ass skills in the “Underworld” series, is sometimes bewildered by her action reputation. “It’s slightly strange being predominantly known for something that’s not necessarily my sensibility,” she told the magazine.

In “Total Recall,” a reboot of the 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger futuristic thriller, she plays a no-nonsense type who, at one point, engages in a serious tussle with co-star Jessica Biel.
"It's not like a naked, porno, mud-wrestling-in-a-bar sort of fight -- it's a real fight," explained Kate. "Though I did find that fighting a woman was very different from when I've fought men. There was a lot of 'I didn't hurt you, did I? Ooh, I'm sorry about that! No, it was my fault!'"

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