Rielle Hunter Memoir Offers Explicit Details of Edwards Affair

Rielle Hunter’s tell-all memoir, 'What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me,” describes in detail her sex life with the former presidential candidate.

Hunter especially highlights the “extraordinary,” sleepless night that she “surrendered” to Edwards -- just hours after meeting him at a reception in a New York City hotel.
Rielle also doesn’t apologize for breaking up Edwards’ 32-year marriage, even though wife Elizabeth was battling breast cancer as news of her husband's affair and their love child became known. Elizabeth succumbed to the disease in December 2010.
In an interview on “20/20,” airing Friday, Hunter told Chris Cuomo, “First and foremost, I’m a mom. I’m also a woman who fell in love with a married a man. I’m not the first woman who has done that and I won’t be the last.”
Watch the clip.

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Rielle also revealed to People.com she is still with Edwards. "We're still together as a couple." Though she won't predict their future. "Marriage? Have no idea. I'm not a big fan of the institution but never say never."

Watch Hunter’s interview on "20/20," Friday at 10:00 PM on ABC.