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Joan Rivers on Octomom: 'The Size of Her Uterus Scares Me'

Comedienne Joan Rivers doesn’t like Octomom Nadya Suleman; in fact, she doesn’t like a lot of things! In her new book, “I Hate Everyone, Starting with Me,” nothing is off limits and no one is safe.

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with the author to find out what really sets her off. Here’s what she had to say when it comes to:

Octomom: “Oh my God, just the size of her uterus scares me. She is like a log ride at Disney. The legs open and wet screaming children come out.”
Herself: “Everybody says, ‘Don’t look at my thighs,’ my breasts are on the ground without a brassiere… there is a lot that I hate.”
Kids: “Children on a plane -- I hate them. Put them in the overhead. There’s air, you can throw a cracker up every now and again.

Old People: They are boring and they smell. Go smell an old man… they’re damp. You figure it out.”
“I Hate Everyone, Starting with Me” is available everywhere, except Costco, which banned it.

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