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How to Reboot Your Body and Boost Your Sex Life!

Dr. Eva Cwynar, hormone specialist and author of “The Fatigue Solution,” gave “Extra” some great tips on how to re-energize your body and have a more fulfilling sex life!

1. Drink more whole milk and eat some red meat. Dr. Cwynar explained, “Drinking a glass of whole milk -- yes whole, not skim -- is a great pick-me-up. It has less carbs and is packed with protein! Red meat has amino acids and certain B vitamins that can’t be found anywhere else.”

2. Exercise and have sex early in the morning: “Both increase your endorphins and stabilize your mood for the rest of the day,” said Dr. Eva.
3. Dr. Cwynar’s research says women who use citrus-smelling fragrances appear five to seven years younger to men.
4. Talk to your doctor about bio-identical hormones. “Bio-identical hormone is what it says -- it's biologically identical to a woman's hormones as she knew when she was younger.”
For more information on Dr. Cwynar and her new book, visit her official website!